Upload a file using API and VBA

Good morning.
Iam trying to upload a file to seatable, using VBA (Outlook).

So far, i have the upload link, parent_dir and relative_path,

What i cannot get running is the actual upload. here is why:

If I try JSON method and base64 encode the file with VBA, there are always some CRLF characters in the string every 1024 chars. No matter, If I try to remove them the VBA’s own Replace function. They always stick and break the JSON.

So I tried to use curl method, which also seems to be nightmare, as powershell does not have a “native” curl command .

So, does anyone have a clue, how to upload a file to seatable, using VBA?

Consider using a VBA library for base64 encoding to avoid CRLF issues. Alternatively, create a PowerShell script for HTTP requests and call it from VBA. Consult SeaTable documentation for API-based upload methods.