Usability quirks when using keyboard

Hi, I’m not sure where to put these because they really aren’t bugs – though they are bugging me :upside_down_face:

I like to input my data using keyboard only as much as possible.However I am experiencing some quirks where SeaTable behaves differently than expected (and compared to what I am used to) and in (to me) very frustrating ways.

  1. Date input: I am used to typing a date like “25.3” meaning “25.03.2024” (or whatever the current year is) Expected behaviour: SeaTable recognizes this and converts the date to the correct format. Current behaviour: SeaTable doesn’t accept this, instead I need to type out the full date with leading zeros and all four digits of the year – nothing else gets accepted.

  2. Creating new rows from a linked record column: I use SeaTable for time tracking and I like to create new tasks that I’ve worked on from the time records view where they are linked. I type something in the linked record field an click “add new record XYZ”. So far so good. However when I change something in the popup that opens up and hit escape to close all data input is lost. Even worse: when I hit “tab” to move from one input field to another the popup closes and all input so far is lost. Expected behaviour: Once I’ve clicked on “add new record” that record is created and automatically saves all data that I’ve input right away. Even if I did close the input popup unintentionally, no input would be lost. Hitting the tab key should navigate from one input field to another and not close the window, losing all data.
    EDIT: I found out that after I have created the record, when I edit it from the linked record column, a window opens that behaves more like I would expect: At least, I can hit Tab to navigate between input fields and when I Escape to exit changes are kept (at least sometimes – I still can’t figure out when they are and when not). So I would wish this kind of window would immediately open when creating a new record by selecting “add new record …”

Idk if other people are experiencing the same thing, but imo fixing these minor bugs/quirks would improve usability a great deal.