Use Link columns as search fields within universal app query sites


we increased the usage of universal apps.
The option to use query sites to give the ability to control former entries is getting more and more important.
Sadly there is no option to use link or formula comuns as search fields within query sites.
Is this correct or is there an option to activate the columns as search fields?

thank you for your inquiry.

You are right, currently it is not possible to use these column types on the query page.

You could use the Modify Row / Record action to write the column value to a column of type Text, but of course, this is not a really good solution.

Feel free to post your feature request here:

Hi, thanks for the fast response. I´ll try to create an automation with minimal ressource consumption.

In which use case do you need to let users of your app to search by a link column?

Search by a formula field will not be supported as it can consume a lot of resource. But searching a simple link column without formula involved maybe supported in the future.

Hi, we started to interconnect most of our bases to build a company wide seatable framework with minimal time needs to work with. For example our whole projectmanagement.

In one base we have all our customer data (hourly rates, adress, name, locations, etc.). Within the next base we have all our projects with working status, customer communication etc… Within the third base we do our billing. All bases consists of several tables. All bases are linked, customer names with projects and bills for example. Colleaques in the billing deaprtment need to search for customers to find the corresponding bills. Just one of more than 50 queries we want to realize actually…

So a huge potential from my point of view to evolve seatable to the mentioned interconnected framework for companies like us.

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