Use / process Files from Attachment Columns

I try to process files in my attachment columns though However when i receive the file i cannot use it (pdf file) as usual. I tried it formerly with other database tools and everything worked fine. Is there a limitation to how you can use files in Seatable. Or is there a simple solution how i can use the files in my automations?

Would you mind being a little more specific?

Apart from that, there are a few topics in this forum regarding files and Worth a look.

Sorry… To be more specfic. I have CV’s in my Base i want to scrape them in make using ChatGPT. If i try to get the file using HTTP Request. It fails because it does not really get the data of that file with the HTTP module in After the processing in make i want to add the reply in another column in Seatable (which should not be a problem though).

Normally if you fetch a file using HTTP you get the binary data. When i try to fetch the attachment from seatable however, i get the HTML file.

I was trying to upload pdf files as binary data to seatable through make as well. But haven’t been able to do it either. I was able to do it through postman, but not

After contacting the support, they told me, that the make integration was developed by the integromat team and is outdated.

They took over the developement this month and will built a new interface. So hopefully we will have a fully working integration soon.

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