User is lost in the team administration

Currently, I am listed as the only user, but one of my bases is shared with another user. If I want to add this user to my organization, I get an error saying that a user with this e-mail address already exists. That user is in some kind of zombie state: I do not find it in user drop down lists, but I also cannot add it (again) since the e-mail address is already in use. Looks like some quirk in the system.

Any idea how to fix this?

I am using SeaTable Cloud (free version).

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The user is not in a zombie state. The user is just not part of your team and that is why you cannot see it. The user is alive and kicking.

In SeaTable, you can share bases with teammates as well as users in other teams. To share a base with a team member, you open the share dialog, enter the user’s name, set the permission and click submit. For privacy reasons, the same does NOT work for users outside of your team. (With a little effort and patience, you could enumerate all users in the system. Our data privacy officer and those of our customers would not be enthused…) To share bases with users outside of your team, you can use an invite link which you can also generate in the share dialog. Send the link by email to the user in question and the link is the key to the base. If the receiving user has no SeaTable account yet, she can register a Free account.

A user / email address can only be associated to one team at a time. This is why you cannot create the user in your team. If you want to add the other user to your team, the other user must first leave her current team.

Hi Ralf,

thanks a lot for this thorough explanation. I guess what confuses me is that I do not see the user anywhere in the system, not even when I go to team administration (I am the overall admin). So from my perspective, the user is not part of any team and since the user also is not listed under “User”, the user does not exist. Still no zombie? :slight_smile:

Could it be that the user is some kind of guest user and has not created an account? If so, how can I make it a full user? Would she have to sign up with that same e-mail address (is this possible at all)?

Sorry, I am still a bit confused…


if you shared the base with the user, then you must see the user in your team administration. Granted, you may not see it where you want to see it, but the user is there.

Open the team administration and hit Bases in the navigation and then go to the Shares tab. This table shows all base shares from you and your teammates to other users. If you want to remove the share, go back to your homepage and select “Share” from the base’s context menu.

As I said in my previous post: You can only share bases to other users in the system. (Note: SeaTable differentiates between “shares” and “external links”. The latter are a way of making data in bases publicly available.) Hence the user must have an account and as such the user cannot be undead. If the user has an account, the user is part of a team and a user can only be in one team at a time. If she user wants to switch teams, she has to leave the other team first before you can add it to your team.

Hi Ralf,

things are starting to come together. I now do see the user in the Bases → Shares tab.

The thing that confuses me is that I do not see the user in the Team Administration. If I understand you correctly, this would mean that the user has joined another team. I will check that, thank you.


Hey Dennis,

If you register a new account for SeaTable Cloud you are the creator of a new team and of course you could add new team members and work with them easily.

Because SeaTable Cloud is a shared system, you usually don’t see each other teams and the other users. But occasionally, you want to share your work with somebody from outside your team. SeaTable allows this with the so-called “invite links”. If you create an “invite link” for one of your bases, and you send it to somebody, two things can happen:

  1. the user has no account / team at He/she has to register and creates his own team. Afterwards, he/she can see your base in the area “shared with me”.
  2. the user has already an account: he/she immediately gets access to the base and the base is visible in the area “shared with me”.

This other user is not part of your team, and therefore you cannot administer this user.
I hope this explanation makes it a little clearer. We will make sure that the manual will be more detailed about that:
Shares - SeaTable.

Best regards

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