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I have made a web form which adds data to seatable table. using webform the customer adds its mobile number and National ID number, date of birth in the web form and selects a service to be done.

The customer can check status of the service(open/in process/done) by using the external app page that seatable provides.

The external app allows using only one column value as search parameter. Is it possible to add 2 search parameters (id + birthdate) as must to search the table?

Hi @pindiplus.

Can you provide an example? It is quite hard to imaging what you are trying to explain.

Here is the screenshot of contact form table which is populated using data collected from contact form .

As you can see there is an external app that i created.

i will attach external app image in next post as one image per post is allowed here for new users.

External app searches only one column “patient number” and if number matches it shows the result.

in external app , I want a customer to type mobile number and patient number and then hit the search button. So if both match the data in any row then that row data is displayed

Do you understand now?

External app image. for the above post

This is currently not possible. Sorry.

But: We intend to implement it either in one of the next releases. In other words, first half of 2023 is realistic. With a little luck, even first quarter of 2023.

Okay . thank you. I needed this feature to strengthen privacy of customers so only customer can search using that form. Please add captcha option in forms too to avoid bot spam

I don’t know know if it will help you and work with SeaTable but you could combine the fields with a formula…

I get what you are saying but limitation is in external app which allows only one input box.

Oh I see what the limitation is. :frowning_face:

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