UTF-8" added to name of PDF / problems with display in iMac mail

Following on from this: Button > Send email action: add option to send HTML email - #4 by rdb

When I receive an email containing automatically generated PDFs, the screen looks like this:
Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-06 um 11.11.35
The attachments are there, however.

I don’t know if this of relevance, but I will mention it:
I did a test with my Android phone and I noticed that the file name of the PDF began with UTF-8" and any spaces between words were filled in with code. So, instead of “CAOKRC-1222-0049 02 (1)”, the file was named UTF-8"CAOKRC-1222-0049-02%20%281%29.pdf.

Did you place the files in a table?

No, the files are generated by a button and then land in individual columns (column type file). I then set up another automation to send the contents of the columns via email (attachments).

Sorry, my question was not precise.

This table-like structure, did you add it in the mail via HTML? Or, differently, can you post your message and the configuration of your button column?

Hi Rdb,
There is no table in the email. That is where the PDFs are displayed after the text (it’s just a test email).
EMail subject and body text
Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-06 um 16.06.24

Email attachments
Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-06 um 16.07.02

Thanks! I will try to reproduce the issue.

Please not the mail programme you see in the screenshot is Apple Mail.

After the update to 3.5, the problem as described above is still occurring.

I also did a test on a smartphone (Android) and here you see that the name of the file is garbled: