V1.5 Bugs - Comments Bubbles & Scrolling


I want to report 2 bugs with v1.5 self hosted.

a) Comments bubbles don’t show up anymore in table view as they did in v1.4

b) Sometimes when side scrolling to the very right in table view it’s not possible to scroll back to the very left of the table without refreshing the view in the browser.

Best regards!

Thanks for the report!

Hello! I have some questions for your kind reports:

a) Comment bubbles will disappear once they are read and older than 7 days. Is this your case?

b) This is a strange behavior, as we couldn’t reproduce it. May I ask which browser you are using?


a) Yes comments are older than 7 days. Wasn’t aware this was by design. I think it would be good to still have some indication (maybe a different one than the bubble, more subtle) that a row was commented. A comment could be read by some but not all users for example, or users could have been invited to a project a later time. Or even just to make it easier to find past comments and discussions.

b) This happens using Safari (macOS). Haven’t yet tested in other browsers. Behavior was also present in earlier versions btw.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
a) This is definitely a good suggestion! I will make sure the developers hear about this.

b) We recommend using SeaTable with Google Chrome or other browsers with Chrome core, for example, the latest Microsoft Edge browser with Chrome core. Safari is not really supported, sorry!

Generally speaking…I think it’s a pity that Safari is not supported. Chrome and other privacy invasive browsers are just not really an option, also on macOS it is by far the fastest and most energy efficient browser available. I know the reasons why developers like to avoided Safari, still it’s a huge user-base that is mostly ignored for their browser of choice. This is not specifically a Seatable related comment. I know you have to set priorities and browser compatibility is a pita for sure :wink:

Thank you for your support!

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