V1.7.1 Freeze Account and Fail2ban


I am wondering if anyone has tested the setting “FREEZE_USER_ON_LOGIN_FAILED” successfull.
On my self hosted installation it only shows a message on the loginscreen that the account is due to too many invalid logins frozen but the login page and the user account are still accessible and enabled, the userlogin is also after more then 5 invalid logins using the right password possible.

Is the freeze option working?
Has anyone successfully configured fail2ban to protect the login?

Any help would be much appriciated.

I didn’t know that v1.7.1 docker image was released. Where did you get that ?

I guess mtmail is using SeaTable EE.

SeaTable DE 1.7 will be release on Docker Hub shortly.

Sorry, yes I was writing about EE

We will check the option.

did you have a chance to test the protection function in the meantime?
Thank You

Not yet. It is not an urgent task for us. We will give it a check in version 1.8.