V4.0 Getting permission denied trying to Get File Upload Link

Hi, I was successfully generating an upload link with v3.x according to this documentation: Get Upload Link
I now upgraded to 4.0.7 and trying the same GET request returns http 403 with {"error_msg":"Permission denied."}

I can’t see what I’m doing wrong and what changed. According to the documentation I can’t see any changes.

The request I’m sending looks like this:

curl "https://table.example.com/api/v2.1/dtable/app-upload-link/" \
     -H 'accept: application/json' \
     -H 'Authorization: Token HereGoesMySeceretToken'

Hi, there are some modifications for token verification after version 4.0 for security reasons. The app-upload-link API can not be accessed through the base access-token. Please use the base api token and try again. Such as

curl -X GET \
  https://xxx.xxx.xx/api/v2.1/dtable/app-upload-link/ \
  -H 'Authorization: Token 1c0bd51081cffd5b1fe34700f874fd34047b55cb' \
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Hey lcx_at,
I don’t know about any problems with this api call.
Can you tell me what kind of secret token do you use? Are your sure that you use an API-Token instead of a base token? How do you generate the api-token and does the token has write permissions to the base?

More info about the tokens can be found here: Authentication

@lcx_at Have you been able to solve your problem?

Hey there!

I’ve got exact the same problem as lxc_at.

r350178982’s response brought the solution.

Thank you very much!

Glad to hear that the problem could be solved by @r350178982’s answer.

I take the liberty of pointing out that the API reference calls for the API token for authenticating the request:

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