Various Kanban suggestions: Swimlanes, Criteria, Title


while working with the Kanban plugin, I have found a few possible improvements wich I haven’t found here, so I’d like to share them:

  • Make the order of tabs draggable. Currently: Order of tabs = order of creation
  • Make the “title field” selectable (or am I missing something?)
  • Swimlanes, based on a second grouping criterium. And, because I can see a vertical scrolling orgy: Make the swimlanes collapsible
  • Last, but by far not least: More grouping field types, other than person and single select.

To specify the last point: I can imagine the need to restrict this to fields with single values and a finite set of values to avoid problems with the display logic. Under this aspect, at least “Link to other records (single select)” and a connected single value “Link formula” would be my wish. Seatable’s ability is such a powerful tool - limiting the Kanban board to the “Single select” field (which is local to a table) crippled the plugin. Unnecessarily, IMHO.

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You can change the order of labels in “Edit single select” of the single select column dropdown menu. The order in the Kanban plugin will be changes accordingly.

We will consider to add such a support.

Click the item in Kanban will open the corresponding row. You can then select the title field if you want to copy its content.


Sorry, a misunderstanding! What I meant was the top line of the plugin, where the names of multiple boards (if you have them) are listed. The one with the “rename” dropdown. The order in which I created the boards is not always the one I want them to be presented to the users. No big deal, at the moment I delete and reconfigure Kanban boards to reorder - takes just a few minutes.

Thanks! And another one I just discovered: If you use a “Linked Formula” field to refer to a table that contains a single select, and it retrieves single values from that table, that would be a candidate, too.

Woops, another misunderstanding. What I meant was: The title of a Kanban card is (or am I mistaken?) always taken from the first column of the table. Which is a) quite limited regarding the field types it can take (no problem with that), but b) rarely contains the data that is most useful as the title of the card. Therefore, in the settings of the Kanban board, where it says “Title field”, a dropdown selection of a different field would be nice.

As an alternative, you could make it possible to use a formula for the first column of a table. That would make setting the title to anything very very flexible.


Hi Seatable team,

Can you comment on the title field request?
I’m very much interested in selecting a different column for the kanban title field since for the first column the column type is limited.

BR Paul

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