Vertical view/edit for tables with many columns


is there a way to edit a database in “vertical” or “transposed” mode, so that records are displayed as columns, and fields as rows?

Side-scrolling on a table with lots of columns gets rather tedious, while scrolling up and down using the mouse wheel is fast and easy.

Alternatively, something like the “Classic” web form (where fields are arranged one below the other), but for editing existing records, would work as well.



This is not possible yet. But you can scroll your mouse while holding SHIFT, and the interface will scroll horizontally.

May this brings you some comfort!

For the last question: there could be a solution: The details page. Select a cell and press Space. A row detail page for this record is opened and you can work on the fields vertically. Use Tab key to switch from one field to another, so as to work on each field smoothly with the keyboard.

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Thanks, I hadn’t found that details view. It should do the trick :grinning:

Great! Glad to have helped. I’m marking this as resolved.