Very slow connection/network errors when connecting to from India


we are using Seatable Cloud in an international project (Germany and India). Colleagues in India need read access to our database, maybe write access at some point later.

Currently I am in India and experience big delays and connection problems when connecting to our database on The browser request stalls for maybe 30 seconds, then I either get “cannot connect to server” from the browser or it partially loads and then I get a Network Error from Seatable. Sometimes, just sometimes, it loads the database and I can start using it.

Even takes a long time to load and sometimes times out.

I have a very stable and fast Wifi Internet connection (SpeedOf.Me says 113 Mbps for Download, 91 Mbps for Upload, 21 ms Latency) and all the services I normally use work well.

My colleagues who use a cable connection also experience these delays (although I haven’t tested this much).

Any ideas on how to improve that?

Dirk Fröhling

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