Vlookup (sverweis) with SeaTable

Hey everybody,

a common question we get asked again and again is how to implement the Excel command “vlookup” (in German: sverweis) with SeaTable. Here comes the answer.

An example

imagine you have a table with payments per country.

Now you want to create a report of the total payments separated by country. Something that looks like this:

In Excel you would create the column Country and then create a vlookup. In SeaTable there is no such formular like vlookup or sverweis, but it is not complicated at all.

Solution with data processing (available with SeaTable Free)

First you have to create these two table structures like you see above in the screenshots. Then you create a data processing with the function “Auto add link”. Every time you run this data processing function, the values in the table Report will be updated. This requires your manual action, but this function is available in SeaTable Free

Solution with an automation (available only with SeaTable Enterprise)

Another solution would be to create an automation. Every time you chance something in the table Payments the row is linked to the table Report. This happens completely automatic but is only available with SeaTable Enterprise.

Here is the automation:

And this is how this looks like:

Try it out.