Webclipper Chrome Extension (open source?)

Hey all! - very happy to have discovered SeaTable today! I’m an Airtable user who’s looking for something that can really scale and ST seems to be it :).

I’m still learning how to use the new platform, but one key feature which my team uses on Airtable is the WebClipper extension.

I was looking around for a solution and found one Open Source “Universal Webclipper” project - I don’t have the code skills to make this happen, but maybe there’s someone else here who does / knows how to set up things like this.

You can check it here: https://clipper.website/

Are there any plans to create a Webclipper in the near future?
Or does anyone else know of another workaround / tool for this?

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Hey mbreck,

thanks for this feedback. In fact, we’ve already evaluated not too long ago how difficult it is to develop a webclipper for SeaTable. (Actually, we already created a design mockup.) At that time we decided to postpone this development and focus on a new admin/subscription area for cloud.seatable.io.

So the answer is: yes, a webclipper is on our development list, but I think it won’t be available until the end of 2022.

@mbreck But you can do me a favor: please tell me how you use the webclipper right now. Do you use it to clip mainly images, urls, text snippets? Please tell me more about your workflow.

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Welcome to the forum!

Or does anyone else know of another workaround / tool for this?

I know that’s not the ideal solution, but if you need it, you can set up a simple database on Notion or Airtable to save the web clippers and make a simple workflow on n8n to “transfer” the web clippers to SeaTable.

That’s the first thing that comes to my mind that would save you some time, but there are other options that you could explore.

(n8n already has a SeaTable, Notion, and Airtable node - which means that they are already integrated.)

I hope that helps!

Have a nice time you all!

Same wish for the webclipper.

My most simple use case is bookmarking and placing those right away in the correct base.