Webform removes comma from number fields in 3.3.x

Since 3.3.5 (EE) had been released to hub.docker.com I installed it right away. Unfortunately the webform seems broken when working with numbers.
When I enter “1,2” and hit tab key it changes to “1.2” right away. When I hit send the value changes to “12”. I tested with different bases and different webforms. It’s all the same, even on mobile browsers.
The issue also persists with the most recent release 3.3.6.

The cloud is still seems to be running 3.2.x according to the old webform editor. I can’t test with it.

This also makes me wondering how you are releasing changes. Enterprise for on-premise seemed to be the first release channel. Shouldn’t that be like… the last channel?


I confirm this unintended behavior of number fields in forms when using comma as decimal separator. (There’s no issue when using dot as decimal separator.) Thanks for reporting the issue.

SeaTable Cloud is still on 3.2. That is correct.

SeaTable 3.3 has not been officially released as of yet. A new release is ALWAYS announced in the forum and in our blog. Neither has happened as of yet. The images for SeaTable 3.3.5. and 3.3.6 in the SeaTable-Enterprise repository are a mishap.

Please re-test with SeaTable 3.3.7 which is now available. (We are still conducting tests and 3.3.7 has still not yet been officially released.)

Confirmed. It’s working again. Thanks for the fast fix.

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