Webhook is being intermittently becoming invalid

What causes a webhook to become invalid? We have a setup a webhook that is working properly but then in 24-48 hours it stops working with no changes from our side. We will then see invalid text next to the webhook.

Using cloud.seatable.io.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 11.26.49 AM

I am facing this problem as well. I am on version 3.2 self hosted developer edition.

SeaTable has a simple logic. As long as the webhooks return status code 200. Everything is fine.
As soon as the webhooks receive multiple times an error code other than 200, SeaTable markes the webhook with the status “invalid” and stops the execution.

Therefore, please check your webhook-receiving-system and prevent errors. Then the webhook will work.

Hello @cdb thank you for your explanation. It will be great if there is any form of notification to indicate that there is an invalid webhook.
some of the time, i do not realise that the webhook has become invalid and is not working.

to add on, does it work the same way prior to version 3.2? because i do not remember seeing invalid previously.

I am using developer version and is there any way which i can disable it?
most of my webhooks are from n8n self hosted. during the time where i am updating my n8n, and it happens that seatable trigger the webhook, it will become invalid and stop triggering even when n8n become online.

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