What does the tag mean?

When updaing SeaTable ,it says:
modify the tag in “docker-compose.yml”.
What dose the “tag” mean?
the first line ->version? or section seatable->container_name?

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Did you read the SeaTable Admin Manual?
Developer Edition - SeaTable Admin Manual

The tag means the version of SeaTable here: use latest for the latest version.

I know that .
But when I upgrade SeaTable , should I modify the first line of docker-compose.yml?

So you are upgrading SeaTable. I suppose you didn’t notice there’s also an upgrade manual?
Upgrade manual - SeaTable Admin Manual

You must read the manual before upgrading!!!

I’ve taken a look and it said yes, you have to update the version in the docker-compose.yml, too:

It says VERSION here!
I found ‘tag’ in my manual…
This is much more clear!

Did this work for you?

Correction of the last post (which has already been deleted):

The “Version” in the first line of the docker-compose.yml is the version of the file itself, not the version of the SeaTable!

The “tag” in the file is the version of SeaTable, which should always stay as “latest”.

Anyway, when you upgrade SeaTable, please do exactly what the manual says, or you will encounter problems, like already reported several times here in the forum - the problems were all solved when they followed the manual in the end.