What kind of Zapier Automations did you build? Share your experience

Dear community,

After the rework of the Zapier App, we observed many new registrations and more usage of the Zapier SeaTable App. It is quite likely that SeaTable will be awarded as “Silver Partner” by the Beginning of October.

We can see that there are many new users, but we cannot see what kind of automations you build? Do you connect Jotform with SeaTable? Or did you something entirely different?

Please be so kind and share your automations with the community. A screenshot of your Zapier workflow with a short explanation would be super helpful.

Thank you very much

Here is a workflow I used in the past. Sometimes the webforms of SeaTable does not provide enough features therefore I use sometimes Jotform for surveys.

This concrete survey allowed to change the submitted values afterwards, therefore the workflow checks if there is already a submission and if there is non, it creates it.

If you have questions about this workflow, please comment in this topic.