When table is sorted, creating a new row pre-fills the first column

Sorry for spamming the forum with those little bug reports but I hope those are appreciated?!

This was there for some time now but I never exactly knew why it would happen with some tables and not other ones. Now I know. So, when you have a table that is sorted by one column (I think it is irrelevant which one) and you create a new record (either by clicking the plus, using shift-enter or using the context menu) the first column of the newly created record row comes pre-filled with the content of the row above it.

Hi, the reports are absolutely welcome here, because this is a forum, it would be too quiet if no one is posting :wink:

And creating new rows will copy the first column is a known behavior of SeaTable. I personally don’t really think this is a bug, but rather a feature, it’s especially useful when the view is sorted, otherwise the newly inserted row will jump to another position causing confusions (imagine you have 10000 rows and you are appending a row to the last row with Shift+Enter, while your view is sorted with the first column ascending, the newly added row will jump to the beginning of the table)

Hmm, I’m just trying to wrap my head around this. When the table is sorted by the first column I can see your point. But if it is sorted by another column, is that still true? Shouldn’t it always pre-fill/copy the content of the column the table is sorted by to follow your logic?

Isn’t that the case in your table? I have exactly the behavior here in my tables: When a table is sorted, adding a new row will only copy the value of the sorted column.

Which version are you using again (sorry I might have already asked in another post?)?

And I just came up with another point: In a grouped view, when a new row is added, the column that is grouped by will also be copied, so that the new row stays in the group.

We are using the latest self-hosted version (DE 2.0).

You are right. Actually it does do that. In my test table it was grouped and sorted but I mixed up the columns it was sorted by. In grouped views this is indeed a very helpful feature. Solved!

great to hear that !