White (Empty) sites after Update

Hey Guys!

I have had a problem with Seatbles since updating to 2.1

Since the update, some of my table pages are no longer accessible (it loads but the browser only shows a white window)

These are pages which are linked to values ​​from other pages, possibly this is the cause.

The console in the browser shows the following errors.

Maybe someone of you can help me!

Hi, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

This is a frequently asked question. In most cases it’s the wrong upgrading procedure that caused the problem. Maybe this post could help you, let me know:

Hi and Thank you!

Unfortunately, I ran all the database upgrade scripts during the update, and the error still occurred …

The logs on the server itself don’t say anything about it either, except for one thing:
dtable config path /opt/seatable/conf/dtable-db.conf doesn't exist: stat /opt/seatable/conf/dtable-db.conf: no such file or directory.

Will this file be created automatically? Unfortunately, it was probably not created for the Docker Pull itself.

The other question is, of course, whether that has anything to do with the bug

You are welcome! Did you follow the upgrade manual exactly? This shouldn’t happen though…but hopefully someone here will offer a solution!

I have one more question, just curious: why upgrade to 2.1? As we already have a later version 2.2.0 on the docker…

Yes, I followed it exactly… :confused: thank you…

The problem has actually been there a little longer, but today I only had time to look for the cause myself.
But today I also updated to 2.2, which unfortunately didn’t change the problem

Well, doubt it. :wink: Obviously, you did not do this: Extra upgrade notices - SeaTable Admin Manual

But the error message seems unrelated to the page loading problem.

What do you mean by …

Are all bases affected? A few? In one and the same base, can you open some tables, other not? Is it always the same error message? Can you discern a pattern?

Could you solve your problem?

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