Word Wrap for Headers

I do not see a way, currently, but it would be great if an option to enable word wrapping or text direction for the column headers could be added. Some of my I want to shrink the width very narrow as to just show a text box, but the header becomes unreadable. If the text could wrap or read vertically I could see which column is what.

Can you post a screenshot for us to better understand the problem?

Welcome to the Forum, @raul!
So you mean, you would like the column name to offer line breaks, so that the column names can always be completely displayed?
As far as I am aware of, SeaTable will offer the possibility to adjust row height in the next releases. But whether will this include the adjustment of column header, I am not sure…

On the other hand:
For the header text wrap problematic, sometimes it could become quite a controversial thing: for a column that has a long header, shrinking its width and enabling text wrap may result in a vertically very long column header (if your column name is very long and you shrink it to a certain width, the wrapped text could be even longer than your screen).

I personally would recommend you use SeaTable in an alternative way. As SeaTable offers different views, including row details view (press SPACE key when you selected a cell will show you the row detail of this record). For a better overview of your data, you could also use the Statistics function to visualize it. Did you try the conditional formatting function in the latest version? You could set row colors with combinations of rules and conditions, for you to have a better overview of your data.

But anyway, like @daniel.pan wrote, it would be great if you could offer more detail of your desire (e.g. a screenshot), so that we can better understand the request and offer a corresponding solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Meng,

Adding to this request;

In the screenshot below, the last column I have a column title “Strat Doc Updated?” as a reminder to update a separate document, and I use a date field for this. There’s a bunch of wasted white space by not being able to wrap the header row.

I like the new feature that allows for doubling, tripling, or quadrupuling row heights, I wonder if this could be done for the headers too. It would still cut off at a certain point so really long headers didn’t create a mess of a display, but sometimes if you want your header to be a longer field title with just a button then it’s a waste of precious horizontal space or your cut it off and it doesn’t look as nice.

Not an urgent feature but a nice to have for sure.

Hi, this has been noted. Thanks for the feature request!

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