Wrappable fields in Page design

At the moment, fields inserted in Page Design have a fixed width and height. It would be great if you could implement wrapping to e.g. accommodate variable amounts of text.

You are not the first one to voice this request.

How would you want the plugin to deal with all the other blocks underneath the variable height text blocks? Should they be static or move up/down depending on the length of the previous blocks? (Like they do in word unless you anchor the object.)

Hi Ralf,
I would definitely want the items before and after to move up/down exactly in the same way as Word, etc. Alternatively, it would really be great to have the option to insert a table and then be able to place the blocks in the table cells. The table cells would of course have dynamic heights that respond to the contents.

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That’s what I thought.

Unfortunately, either approach is a massive undertaking that we currently do not want to commit to.