Xlsx file is not downloaded from an external link

Good afternoon! The xlsx file is not downloaded from an external link. Can this be fixed?


The screenshot is from the file column in the Universal app, correct?

With which authorization are you trying to download the files, and does it concern a specific file type?

I just provided access to the table using an external link. The column type is file. If I follow this link, the PDF is downloaded, XLSX is not.

*my system is self hosted

You’re right, I can confirm the issue, we’ll look into it.

Alternatively, you could use a universal app and give it open access in the user and role management, where download is possible.

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Thank you, but this is not suitable for our use case. This is not so critical, the main thing is that you have noted it for discussion. Have a nice day!

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It should be solved in version 5.0.

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