Your system is not properly configured for running python scripts

I installed Seatable EE for limitted users to test solution and I need to run python script periodically.
When I click script button and add script for python, there’s this message around top of script windows.
(JavaScript is no problem.)

I searched web and I found seatable-python-runner and seatable-faas-scheduler in seatable site, but it didn’t work property, even the Docker image that is listed in the manual is not available on Docker Hub.

How can I run python script in Scripts menu? Someone has answers but I could not find…

Please consult the admin manual. You find the section relevant for you at Python Pipeline - SeaTable Admin Manual.

If you continue to have problems, please come back to the forum. When you repost, please provide specific information on a.) your setup, b.) your actions and c.) the results. Log output and screenshots are always welcome.

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