Bug: Long checkbox item displays incorrectly also on desktop

Hi all

Following on from the bug I picked up displaying checkboxes in forms on smartphones, the same bug is displaying on desktops. See screenshot. It is the same form I sent to daniel.pan. The checkbox item cuts off. The mouseover shows what should be displaying.

Issue found on Safari for Mac, also persists in Firefox and Chrome.

This is the designed behaviour. Label should be displayed in one line and have a maximum length.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your answer. It may be designed like that but I disagree that that is the way that it “should” be. This puts me in an awkward position as I am not responsible for designing the questions and answers, so will have a difficult time going back to them and saying they need to shorten the answers.

I also do not understand the logic. The same rule does not apply to the column names or form questions, why should this apply to checkbox items? The amount of space is even more limited for smartphones.