Get SeaTable Enterprise Edition in 3 minutes

SeaTable Enterprise Edition is the ultimate version with all the features enabled, which include custom sharing permissions, Python scripts, automations and many more. For details to the differences between the plans visit the SeaTable Prices.

Are you interested in testing the SeaTable Enterprise Edition? Follow this very simple instruction below and you’ll be looking at your own self-hosted SeaTable Enterprise Edition in several minutes.

You are only 3 simple steps away:

  1. Register your name and email address with us through this link:
    Access to the SeaTable Enterprise installation packages

  2. Confirm your email address in the email we send you. Then, in 2 minutes you’ll receive your personal username and password to pull the SeaTable Enterprise Edition docker image.

  3. Pull the docker image and install SeaTable Enterprise Edition as per the SeaTable Enterprise Edition Installation Manual using the username and password we sent you.

Isn’t that easy? The Enterprise Edition is free of charge for a team with no more than 3 users, and there’s no limit for row numbers or storage. Try it today!