Tracking items on a project, calendar considerations and project management

I’ve discovered seatable and it’s really a nice tool.
I’m currently trying to figure out how to get the best of it.

Few limitations are currently hitting my progression.

Some items that would be great if added :

  1. dates by week number instead of date by day (with the possibility to choose between US and European style)

  2. a cell type that would be : calendar list
    In this specific field, you would have week numbers or dates associated with a short text.

  • 2021/02 - blabla
  • 2021/03 - blablablo
  • 2021/07 - bliblubli

and so on…
and these items to be displayed on the calendar, instead or in addition with the whole range of the project/task

  1. an easier deployment system… docker was a pain to set in my environment that is mostly LAMP…

  2. email notification reminders to assignees. I’m not sure it’s actually feasible at the moment. I can get table notification to a specific user, but not by task assigned. like reminder for a task 2 days before end date ?

  3. statistics : that would be great to be able to display multiple columns as different variables on the same graph.

thanks !


welcome to the SeaTable Forum! Glad to hear you are interested in SeaTable.
As you might already have discovered, SeaTable is a highly customizable tool with a SaaS UI. In most cases, the very specified user requirements can be carried out with some self-made loops. The joy of using SeaTable is that you can DIY many things!

So, for the dates and week number: SeaTable has a function weeknum() that enables you to retrieve week number of a given date. When you create a new “Formula” column, you can use this function to return the week number of a date from another date column.

Then, you can concatenate this week number with the result from the year() function and the text from a text column and get your result:

In the example above:

  • Date is a date column;
  • Year is a formula column with year({Date})
  • week number is a formula column with weeknum({Date})
  • Text is a text column with your entries
  • Concatenate is a formula column with {Year}&'/'&{week number}&' '&{Text}, so that the results from the above columns are concatenated.

If you find there’re too many columns in your table, you can create a view and in this view, hide the columns that you don’t need to see.

Then, with the Calendar plugin, you can display the Concatenate column as a title on the calendar:

As for the email notification problem you reported: Do you mean you cannot receive email notifications? As the default email settings in the personal settings is disabled for emails:

Make sure the setting of “Notifications of collaboration” is not set to “Don’t send”.

And as for the statistics: I’m not sure if I have understood you correctly…did you mean you want to display the values from different columns grouped in the same figure? This is possible, just select “Add new numeric column” in the Data grouping setting:


So in this example, I have three numeric columns:

With the above settings, I can display them in the same figure:

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Thanks a lot for your time.
I’ll reply by Thursday as I need to illustrate more my needs.
Anyway, I appreciate a lot these detailed feedback

Take your time! I’m going on vacation on Thursday, but I’m sure my colleagues or others here on the Forum will help you!


some thoughts about the points i raised before.

  1. week number
    I get the idea, but it would be much more comfortable to have a format of date cells as ‘week nb’, and a calendar view by week. at least, in my way of working.

  2. I would need something more compact than that.
    1 line in my main table list 1 project.
    For each project, I have a calendar of tasks to be performed. I would like to list in one cell all tasks with their dates, and this cell-calendar would be displayed on the main calendar plugin, one color per project. I may overstrech the capabilities of the table, but that’s my current limitation.
    In my actual excel table, I’m using a row per week number, listing tasks for each week, but i was looking for something more efficient. I’ll dig around to find a clever way

  3. I don’t have any email notification setting in my personal menu !?
    Is it in /profile/ ? I have only the possibility to change my email, my password, language and to delete my account.

  4. for the statistic, i’m filling my table with a form that get’s single choice among 5 (Rating scale 1 to 5), so it’s not a numeric value, therefore, it’s not listed in the numeric column list.
    I could put a numeric format to the cell, but then, the form would just ask for a number, without a single choice scale that works better in my opinion. I have tried a formula trick like left({my single choice},1). it’s sadly not available in the numeric list for the statistics though the value is well displayed in the column as a number.

EDIT : for point 4, I managed to do it ! i had to transform the string as value, and then the column appeared in my list of possible choices for the statistics. the correct formula is value(left{single choice,1})

Any updates on the various points raised here ?

Hi, as the Chinese new year took two weeks of vacation for our developers, the developing process has just reached its full speed again last week.

Your feature requests are noted. But I wonder why you cannot see email notification setting in your personal settings:

Perhaps you haven’t enabled the email notification sending service in your configuration:
I found this article for you:

May I ask which version are you using?

I’m using the 1.6.0 version - selfhosted docker
The server is able to send emails, as I’ve performed the mentioned steps.
I receive password reset emails and registrations emails too
but no email settings are present.

I’ve also added in dtable-event.conf :
enabled = true

enabled = true
interval = 3600

I’just updated to lastest 1.7 docker image without additional success…I don’t have email setting.

But I’ve killed my set-up ; i can access to the main UI but can’t access to the databases (rotating circle…). The actual docker setup is a pain…

The latest SeaTable for Docker is 1.7. Would you consider an upgrade?
And - if you are using the Developer Edition - did you know if you have no more than 3 users, you can use the Enterprise Edition for free, which has more features?
Here’s how to get the Enterprise Edition: Get SeaTable Enterprise Edition in 3 minutes

If you consider an upgrade to the latest version: the new version also has a lot of UI improvements, details can be found in the SeaTable Changelog:

Hi @daniel.pan, what could be the cause here? Thanks!

Thanks a lot, sadly the 3 user limitation is a no-go.
Either I can use the dev edition or I will have to find another software

If the extra features in the Enterprise Edition is not that important to you, the Developer Edition is free permanently. I’m not aware that there are other software like SeaTable that can be self-hosted :innocent:

As long as all expected items are present in the developer edition, I would be totally happy :slight_smile:
And once a new software is established in our team pipeline, we would consider moving to enterprise edition. We usually decide after 2 years of use, not before. eg. we have a full licence for seafile for our >500 team

I’m sure SeaTable will be even better in 2 years. Now, SeaTable is only 8 months old, and we’re still developing features and improving the UI. User’s feedback is hence important to us.

I’m not an expert on docker, so let’s wait for the answer of @daniel.pan about your email settings…

I really hope so. Up to know seatable seems a perfect tool.
But lacking email notification is really an issue.

I’ll create an issue specifically for that.