Need Help Resolving Formula Error in Seatable

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using Seatable for organizing my data, and I’ve come across an issue with a formula that’s giving me trouble. Despite trying various approaches, I can’t seem to correct the error.

The formula I’m using is a conditional formula to calculate revenue based on sales quantity and price, and the specific error message I’m encountering is ‘Syntax error: Unexpected token’.
I also check this : Using Seatable as SQL Database with Prisma for NextJs projectsinfo But I have not found any solution.

I’ve reviewed the syntax and double-checked my references, but I’m still unable to get it to work properly.

Thank you for your help!"

Hi @miasmith ,
It’s pretty difficult to help you without few additional information :

  • are you using Seatable cloud our self-hosted ?
  • can you give us the formula ?


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