Passing an argument through the form URL


I would like to know if that is feasible to add an argument in the form URL, to prefill one of the item.
that would be really useful to create URL for specific purpose, instead of having to create multiple forms.
That would be like : /dtable/form-edit/xxxxxxx/field1=“item1” or something like that.


Are you talking about this: Prefill a field in a form

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you rock !!

sadly it works for fields but not for linked cells, right ?

Please see this post: Prefill value in forms does not work with link to other records column

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Exactly. It’s working.
Can we automate the treatment? like running it when a new line is added ?

Of course - with SeaTable Enterprise.

that was my conclusion :wink:

and thank you again @rdb
Seatable is not only a great tool, it’s mostly a great team.
Enjoy the weekend :slight_smile:

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