PDF creation and email sending in the same button is not working

I had already posted that some month ago : Automation with button: No PDFs attached to email

I thought it was working, but the issue is still there.
When I have in the same buttont two request :
1st = creation of the PDF
2nd = email sending with this PDF attached

the PDF is created, but it’s not attached to the email

Any idea to solve that ?

This issue was fixed in SeaTable 3.5: SeaTable 3.5: Formulas in the first column, new automation actions and all sorts of goodies - SeaTable

Does the file name contain a comma?

Something I have noticed with automation rules: in order for changes to the rules to apply, you need to delete the rule completely and set it again.

I cannot confirm. Can you reproduce this?

Second: I think Ben’s comment related to button actions (=button clicks), not automated actions (=automations).

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Indeed, it’s using a button.

I have :

  • one column “file”
  • one column “button”

a template made in the page builder

in the button actions, I want to have :

  1. creation of a PDF with the template
  2. Email sending of the PDF created at step 1

When I press the button, the PDF appears, the email is sent, but sadly, without the attachment.

Hi Ralph, Yes you are right.

You wrote above “email sending with this PDF attached”. That means, you have attached the file column to the email?
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I just did a test and it worked for me. I wrote about this exact problem in the past, and it was fixed, as Ralph said. However, I have Enterprise Cloud. Are you cloud or self-hosted?

It’s a DE selfhosted.
It’s not stable, I have some light document that work, but some bigger, multipage are created and not attached in a single click on the button

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