Sum of the results of the if function in last row 3

Unfortunately, the calculation of the values in the current version still does not work…

Greetings Thomas

Hi Thomas,
I think the problem is solved:

  • The column Age is a formula column using a dateDiff function.
  • The column GVE is another formula column using an arbitrary calculation using the column Age as an input.
  • Both columns show summary values at the bottom.

If it is not shown in your case, redetect the result format of the column GVE (or whatever the column is named in your case).

Summary values are only computed for columns of type number (and rating in the future).

If my post answers your question and the problem is solved, I’d take the liberty to edit your opening post. I only understood what you were talking about because I re-read the complete linked post. This is unnecessary and unfriendly to all other forum actors. (I wouldn’t have answered under normal circumstances. I only answered because I was a contributor in the original post.)

Hello Ralf,
thanks for the quick solution to the problem.
Is the “Re-Detect” button new?
Ist there a button for the complete Table?
Sorry for the wrong link to the old post.
Feel free to revise the post.

Many greetings

Hi Thomas,

I understand that this solved your problem? Great!

Sure thing. Glad I could help.

Introduced in 2.3 or 2.4. So yes, new.

No, unfortunately not. You need to do it column by column.

Is it ok for you if I simply archive this entire post? I think it does not contain relevant information for others. That’s faster than revising your post.

Sorry, didn’t see that you marked as solved!

Yes you can archive the entire post.
But I think the re-detect button could be introduced as a new feature, which others could certainly use.

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