Text I paste in a long text field is pasted as image

Hi, me again :wink:

I have a long text field, double click on it to go in edit mode. When I want to paste text in this screen the text gets pasted as an image. I want this text just to be editable text.

When in table view and the long text field is selected (not in edit screen mode) I can paste text in this field (as editable text). Only when double clicking and in edit screen, the same text is pasted as image.

This makes is impossible to get some rich text pasted in a log text field.

I cannot reproduce the problem. I can copy paste text from an outlook mail as well as a word file.
What kind of document do you copy the content out of?

Word or Excel on Mac…(!)
As a test just created a new table with only one Long Text column, a new Word document with som simple text and just copy and paste the text from Word to the field in Seatable and voila!

What is “Mac” ? :wink:

So I guess you use Safari? Can you please try Chrome?

I am already using Chrome…

Just did a test, cut and paste the same piece of text:
Safari on my MacBook: Paste in Log Text field works fine!
Chrome on my MacBook: Paste in Log Text field results in the wrong image-like representation as mentioned above

Chrome: Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official build) (x86_64)
Safari: Version 14.0.2 (16610.
MacOS: 11.1 (BigSur)
Alle updated to the latest versions


it’s me again, too!
I have done some research and I believe, this has nothing to do with SeaTable, but a general issue when you copy text from word and paste into Chrome on MacOS.

Short summary: Chrome’s fault - see this bug report.

From my very brief research I would recommend you solve this problem by doing this: instead of using Cmd+V to paste the text into the long text field, use your mouse’s right key (or the context menu of your trackboard, magic trackpad, or whatever) to open the context menu and then select “Paste and match style”.

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Great finding! Thanks Karlheinz