Using Timeline plugin with calculated dates

Hello I am trying to setup a project plan with seatable. Therefore I have to calculate dates out of a duration and a starting date of the first task in the project. This works now in the base. Now I want to add a timeline to the base. But unfortunately the dates calcualted and shown in the base do not occur in the timeline? I have read already the request timeline plugin cant select formula which should be solved since a while. For me my problem seems very equal but it is not working. I am using Seatable Cloud free.

Here a screenshot from the base

Here a screenshot from the timeline

Can anyone tell me what I am doin wrong?

Hey Florian85,

while testing your described problem, I came across a bug in SeaTable.

The timeline plugin does not support all date formats yet. However, the ISO format was supported in my test, namely in the column type “Formula” and “Link formular”. The same way you used it.

Could you please send another screenshot of your timeline plugin settings?

Kind regards

Hey Felix,

here are two screenshots of the settings

I have checked, in my base the date is in ISO format as well.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Florian,

Thanks for the screenshots.

Could you please show me another screenshot of the formula column where you calculate the date?

About the settings in the Timeline-Plugin: are you using the right table and view?

I am surprised that the error value #VALUE! is displayed.

Kind regards

Hello I created a link to share the complete base (Projektmanagement). As I am not sure what you are searching directly. I am trying to create a project management. So I have a start date of a project and tasks. In the tasks i get the starting date from the project. Each atsk has a duration and maybe a predecessor. If a predecessor exist I take the end date from it as the new start date and calcualte the end date with the duration. If there is no predecessor the start date from the project is taken. Finally I want to display the start and end dates in the timeline.
Maybe I am thinking to complicated. The columns startdate and enddate (manually entered) are only for checking.
Thanks a lot for your help.

thanks for the access to the base.

Can you please show me what calculation you are doing in the “Start” and “Ende Aufgabe” formula fields?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Start: if(isempty(“Vorgänger”),{Start Projekt},{Ende Vorgänger})
Ende: if(isempty(“Vorgänger”),{Start Projekt}+{Dauer},{Ende Aufgabe})
Ende Aufgabe: {Start}+{Dauer}
At the end of the day “Ende” and “Ende Aufgabe” is the same value so I need only one of them and hide Ende but now showed it again

Thank you and greetings

Hi Florian,

After further tests, I came to the conclusion that your requirements are unfortunately not possible with the current SeaTable version and the timeline plugin.

I am sorry not to be able to give you a better feedback.

Kind regards

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