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I love Seatable, and the rate at which it has been improving since I became a user is absolutely amazing, thanks for the great product. Here is my current wish-list of ideas and suggestions.

  1. When displaying a checkbox as a look-up on a linked column, it would be nice if an empty checkbox icon was shown instead of just displaying nothing, so that the count of linked items matches the count of check boxes. Screenshot of current behaviour below. Note that in the first row, it is impossible to know if the first, second or third action is the completed one.

  2. I would love to see the ability to add a button at the table level, to allow quick access to a script that works at the table level, with a scripting reference available such as base.context.currentTable.

  3. Ability to search within the long text editor would be a nice add.

  4. Always display a button to add a new record to the link column pop-up. (Don’t make me search for a record first if I know it doesn’t exist, especially if the search text is thrown away per my older post here: Allow a manual selection of column to fill in the "Select Record to Link" popup ) Example:



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Hello, thanks for the feature requests.

  1. This is a nice one. I’ve noted it.
  2. Sounds interesting, would you mind giving a concrete example? What exactly would you like to do on the “table level”?
  3. First of all, search already supports contents in the long text. I know you mean you wanna search inside the long text editor, maybe because the text is really “long”. In this case, open the long text editor and press F3 on your keyboard, the browser’s search function is now handy for you. Could this work for you?
  4. I remember that discussion. So this feature request means: with one button, you can create a new record and then link it to the current record. Noted.

Thanks Karlheinz.

For #2, usually I’m doing data-cleaning operations, so looping through every row in the table and fixing things like capitalizations, removing duplicate entries (my script pre-dates the plugin), calculating cell values with complex logic, and creating links to other tables based on certain criteria. Instead of scrolling through the list of scripts and remembering which ones act on which table, I usually create a button in the row, but of course it doesn’t matter which row I click on, they all do the same thing, and they take up a lot of space. It would be great to be able to add a button in the same row as the sort and filter menus, for example. The ability to reference base.context.currentTable is more of a nice-to-have, since tables would need to be similar for this to work.

For #3, thanks, yes the browser search is perfect here as a solution. The keyboard shortcut was the key I was missing since ctrl-f opens the Seatable search on the underlying table.

For #4, yes exactly, just keep the ‘add new record’ button always visible at the top.



OK, for #2, there is a “Run” button to each script in the “Scripts” Panel:


If you have a proper naming of the script, you can simply click on this button to execute the script.

I understand, of course, the button is not exactly where you want it to be, but since it’s already there and no one else is complaining, we cannot promise a change any time soon!

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