Wrap text & removing minimum width in page design table

Hello, it will be great if text are wrap automatically according to cell width in page design.

Secondly, i realized that there is minimum width in page design cell ( ie, i cannot resize any smaller ) as shown in below.


You do not have to be patient for long! SeaTable 2.8, scheduled for release in 10 days, will include important improvements in the page design plugin.


Hello @rdb , thank you very much for your explanation. I realized that 2.8 is out and may i know will there be an update to this plugin as well?

Can you please test again?

Please note that the menu features a new option “Record height”:

@rdb i have updated the page design plugin. however, there is still a minimum column width in the new update. for example, in the screenshot, the column width required for “Qty” is very small , however, i could not resize it down further as it does not allow me to do so.

Does text wrapping work? This was your first request.

There still is a minimum column width. This is correct. Yet, unless you use a font <12 pt (which you seem to do), the minimum width does not seem to be a problem. Anyway, we’ll keep it in mind - but it’s not high priority.

hello @rdb yes, text wrapping works with plugin update. removal of minimum width is important as it is unable to fit into A4 size as a lot of space is wasted with minimum column width.

So to make it work, I have to hide quite a lot of columns in order to fit into 1 page.

I would love to get a text wrapping for the table itself. Will that be possible?