Hidden columns visible in detail view

I do have a question about hidden columns. When I hide a column in the table view and pull up the detail view, those columns (or their content) is still visible there, cluttering the view with lots of support fields, linked records and formula fields. Is there a way to make hidden columns in the table view also hidden in the details view? If not, wouldn’t it make sense to add this as an option or even the default behavior?

Thank you for your help and thoughts on this!

You are right! The row details page displays all the details of one record, no matter in which view you are. Indeed, we should have this feature - when you open the row details of one record in a view in which columns are hidden, they should also be hidden on the row details page.

Actually, our developers are currently working on something even bigger: in one of the very next releases, you will be able to customize your row details page! So that you can even print the row details page to PDF or to paper, however arranged and whichever column fields you want.

So thanks for the reminder and your kind words - hopefully, we can give you an even better SeaTable in the next few weeks!

Hi Karlheinz,

I am looking for possibilities to customize the details view, like putting fields next to each other, of perhaps TABs to structure the data in the details page.

Just curious, in dec 20 you wrote " in one of the very next releases, you will be able to customize your row details page". I think besides printing, the details page hasn’t changed for a while. Are there any improvements on the roadmap regarding the details page?



Hi Peter,

thanks for the reminder - and I’m sorry for giving false hope. SeaTable is merely 1 year old, along with the development there were so many plans that were on the task list and then were removed from it. Customizing the row details was unfortunately one of them.

On the other hand, the row details page was improved and hidden columns are not shown now, and you can work on your record with the Tab key on the row details page. There are still some bugs in the row details page, and we’re spending most of the working time distributed to row details page on bugfixes.

Currently there’s no plan of changing the row details page, but only bugfixes on the task list. As soon as the bugs are all fixed, we’ll have time to move forward. Thanks again for keeping an eye on the process!


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