& seatable - error uploading a file to a base

Hi folks,

I used the SeaTable-API info at

to upload a file from by SeaTable integration API-call to an existing base and then link it to a file column. But I fail with the upload. I get the error message:

[400] Bad Request. Please, make sure the request parameters are valid.

Maybe the information from the screenshot will help to understand which thought error I am making?

Dear Apenzel,
the upload link is only valid for a short time. Did you generate the upload link and immediately tried to upload a file?


Yes - the upload link is generated as part of a Let me show you the scenario in a screenshot.

I have good and bad news:

good news:
We (=SeaTable GmbH) will take over the responsibility for the development of the make app. As soon as I have the current development status of the make app, I will have a look and try to fix this.

bad news
due to the summer vacation season we are short on developers. It will take some time before we can provide a fix.

Okay, that’s kind of good and bad.

Good is that you want to take care of the integration with The interaction of and SeaTable is certainly not an exotic use case.

Bad, of course, is that we don’t have a solution for what we consider a “standard problem” for an indefinite period of time. The Airtable integration has been doing this for a long time and in a very user-friendly way. We have used this intensively and reliably.

Anyway. Thanks for the information.
Greetings, Andreas

Until now, we had no influence on the development and quality of the SeaTable Make app. This will change in the future. Thus, I ask for a little patience and then this will work well.

We’re excited to introduce the brand-new SeaTable App: :tada: Rework of SeaTable App. This updated version is designed to offer all the essential features you require. File upload is working like a charm. Feel free to share any feedback you have by posting in the linked topic.

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